What Food Items Are Surviving The Economy?

Posted by Jennifer Heigl

Fast Company’s Anne Lee recently did a great rundown of what’s still hot in the food and beverage industry despite the economic downturn, complete with handy-dandy graphs.

What’s not selling? According to Lee:

  • Bakeries
  • Movie theatre concessions
  • Coffeehouses
  • Organic food

Though I’m disappointed, I’m not surprised at all to see organics on the list. Despite local production and lack of traditional pesticides, organics are still, surprisingly, the highest priced items in the store (or on the menu).

What’s hot these days? Instant food like macaroni & cheese, sandwich fixings, and brew-it-yourself coffee. Why? Experts say it’s the ‘comfort food’ factor.

It hits the spot when people are “feeling at home or feeling miserable,” says [Bill Patterson, a senior analyst at consumer market research firm Mintel].

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