Are Organics ‘Elitist’? And Portland’s Iron Chef!

White HouseToday, I’m sending you to some of my writings on other favorite food blogs!

First – are organic food stuffs ‘elitist’? On a recent episode of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’, Jeff Stier of the American Council of Science and Health made some pretty bold statements in regards to the recent planting of an organic garden at the White House – namely, that organics are ‘elitist’ and that the Obamas should, instead, be teaching children how to use pesticides correctly. Does anyone smell funding by chemical companies?

Second – my interview with Portland’s Iron Chef, David Anderson, who poo-poos the idea of becoming a ‘celebrity chef’. Staying true the town that built him, Mr. Anderson says he’ll stay here in Stumptown to build his empire. There might even be a cookbook!

~Jennifer Heigl

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