Friday Five: Five Foodies to Follow on Twitter

More new Daily Blender categories! Yay! This week, we’re starting a Friday Five, where we feature our favorite foodie fives – recipes, websites, YouTube videos, social media links, and anything else we like that’s food-related!

Today, we’re listing a few of our favorite foodie Twitterers (Tweeters? Tweeties? Tweeterazzi?). Sure – I know you’re already following us @Dailyblender but why not add a few more fellow foodies to the mix?
Here are a few of our favorite fellow foodies to follow on Twitter:

1) @Lee_Schrager – This food festival mogul tweets about his favorite meals and food celebrities, as well as updates on his two favorite food festivals – the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, and the upcoming New York Wine and Food Festival.

2) @steamykitchen – Oh, I love Jaden. Follow this fellow food writer as she travels around the countryside, hosting shows, meeting with chefs, and offering lots of tongue-in-cheek commentary.

3) @foodwineclassic – Can’t make it to this month’s Aspen Food & Wine Classic? Brian tweets news on celeb chefs who’ll be attending the festival, as well as events happening in the Aspen area.

4) @LocavoreBlog – Jill, over at La Vida Locavore, covers all kinds of locavore news, from farms to farmers to locavore politics. Follow her tweets for the latest in local food news.

5) @Foodista – Follow Foodista for all kinds of recipes and food facts!

~Jennifer Heigl

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