Recipes, Pics from White House Organic Garden Harvest Party

Obama Foodorama has a great follow up on Michelle Obama’s Harvest Party earlier this week. The posts include photos of the First Lady with Chef Sam Kass and the lucky group of Bancroft kids who attended the harvest picnic. Mrs. Obama reinforced the need to develop healthier school lunch programs here in the US:

“…because these meals are the main source of consistent nourishment for these kids, we need to make sure we offer them the healthiest meals possible…we need to improve the quality and nutrition of the food served in schools. We’re approaching the first big opportunity to move this to the top of the agenda with the upcoming reauthorization of the child nutrition programs.”

Interested in the recipe for what was prepped and served after the garden harvest? It’s an easy baked chicken with brown rice and peas – great for a home cooked meal!

~Jennifer Heigl

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