Today’s Food Newsbits: Starbucks Double Charges; Explosion at ConAgra Plant

Seattle television station, King 5, is reporting that over 7000 Starbucks stores recently double-charged their customers! According to the report, a million coffee drinkers were overcharged during May 22 and May 23rd, due to a ‘settlement processing error’. Though Starbucks announced that all affected consumers have seen a ‘resolution’, make sure to check your bank statements just in case!

An explosion this morning at a North Carolina ConAgra plant has left twenty workers injured with another three still missing. The plant, which processes Slim Jim jerky products, experienced an explosion and a subsequent roof collapse, with pipes spewing what’s believed to be ammonia.

The company was working with authorities to ensure that employees “are getting all of the support that they need,” ConAgra Director of Corporate Communication Stephanie Childs said. “The employees’ health is their only real concern at this time.”

~Jennifer Heigl

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