Chipotle Promoting ‘Food Inc.’ With Free Nationwide Showings

Fast food restaurant Chipotle is now on board to promote the recently released (and slightly controversial) food documentary ‘Food Inc.’ by offering free showings nationwide, as well as featuring in-store promotions. According to Restaurant News Resource, Chipotle, which was recently named the first restaurant to receive a Platinum-level LEED certification for one of its locations, will also include a bonus feature on the ‘Food Inc.’ DVD this fall, discussing its commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture.

‘I hope that all our customers see this film,’ said Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle. ‘The more they know about where their food comes from, the more they will appreciate what we do.’

Chipotle’s Food with Integrity program highlights the company’s sustainable business practices, which includes the use of naturally raised beef, hormone-free dairy, and  local and organic produce in many of its locations. Says Food Inc.’s producer, Robert Kenner, ”Chipotle is a great example of a company that’s on the right track to improving our food system.”

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