Frank Bruni, Ruth Reichl Head to Television Primetime

New York Times restaurant reviewer Frank Bruni created an uproar among media, fans, and fellow foodies when he announced his resignation in May. Tonight, Bruni, who’s been less-than-publicly-visible due to his position at the Times, hits Nightline to promote his memoir, “Born Round: the Secret History of a Full-Time Eater.” According to a sneak preview at, he’ll talk healthy eating, fad diets, and his distaste for Choco Tacos. (The staple of my school lunches for years!) Be sure to check out the full interview on ABC!

Curious what it’s like dining with the famous Bruni? A few of the critic’s friends and confidantes chime in on the protocol of sharing a table with the reviewer.

If you’ve been following Gourmet Editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl on Twitter, you’ve noticed how much she’s been traveling – and cooking! It turns out it wasn’t just for fun! The author and restaurant reviewer has actually been filming new episodes for her upcoming show on PBS. According to MediaWeek, the new show, titled “Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth”, will feature Reichl joining well-known actors like Frances McDormand and Lorraine Bracco at cooking schools around the world. The ten half-hour episodes, premiering October 17th, will also air on Gourmet’s TiVo channel and American Airlines’ in-flight channel.

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