Friday Five: Five Food Truck Features You Should Read

I was all set to write a long post about how I just haven’t figured out why so many people are ga-ga about food carts and trucks these days – from having their own to eating at the recommended spots. For some reason, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around anything other than images of old-school New York hot dog carts with questionable food handling practices.

However, I ventured out this week for my first food truck experience, and I can safely say that I was impressed by the food. Maybe this food cart/truck thing isn’t so crazy after all. (Thanks, Whiffies, for helping me see the light.)

Fascinated by the food cart and truck trend yourself? Make sure you check out these fun food cart features around the web.

1) The Ten Best Food Trucks. GQ magazine has a great visual slideshow of the ten most talked about food trucks across the U.S. If I had a dollar for every time someone Tweeted about LA’s Kogi BBQ

2) The Art of the Food Cart. Portland’s Nancy Rommelmann offers tidbits and photos from her favorite neighborhood food carts in this Bon Appetit feature.

3) Street Food Chic. Slashfood takes a look at the food cart/truck craze by talking to a few of the local vendors. According to the article, it will be a regular feature on the food site.

4) User’s Guide: How to Start Your Own Food Truck. New York Magazine’s Grub Street gives a great overview of the startup costs and regulations necessary to start your own street food biz, including a note on the disturbing practice of illegal food permits. Eek.

5) Truck-Side Dining: The How, Why, and Where of High-End Food Trucks. High-end food trucks? Sign me up. tells you where to find the best food truck nibbles around the country, including Seattle’s much-raved-about Skillet. There’s also a fantastic slideshow.

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