‘Smart Choices’ Food Labeling Halted For Further Review

The program overseeing the placement of the nifty little green icon marked ‘Smart Choices’, found on everything from cereal to soups, is being postponed by federal regulators after questions have arisen on the validity of such ‘healthy food’ indications.

Developed by nine major food manufacturers including Kraft Foods, Kellogg, and General Mills, the Smart Choices program was created to note food items that were healthier choices for consumers. However, with so many processed foods on the Smart Choices list, the criteria used to determine the label will undergo further review after the Food and Drug Administration announced last week that “such programs may mislead consumers about the health benefits of certain foods”.

Despite the postponement, the Smart Choices group supports the FDA’s move to regulate stricter guidelines for such ‘health food’ labels.

“The impetus for the Smart Choices program was that there were and are too many systems,” [Smart Choices board member Richard Kahn] said. “We applaud the concept of having one system nationwide.”

You can read the group’s official press release here.

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