Spring Winemakers Dinners Showcase Oregon’s Wonderful Wines

Just as they did last fall, local wine aficionados gathered together again this week to support the annual Classic Wines Auction here in Portland. In a lead up to this Saturday’s gala auction, dinners were held around town to promote the event and learn more about the winemakers involved in the auction.

I happily attended Wednesday’s dinner held at The Heathman Restaurant & Bar downtown. Hosted by Panther Creek Cellars and Silvan Ridge Wines, guests were treated to wine pairings with each of the courses provided by Heathman chefs Karl Zenk and Andrew Biggs. Dishes offered for the evening included duck en croûte (a nod to Julie & Julia, we were told), white asparagus and prosciutto salad, short rib ravioli, kibbe crusted lamb loin, and tropical fruit pavlova.

Delicious wines chosen for the evening included the Silvan Ridge Viognier Reserve 2008 (my favorite), Silvan Ridge Syrah Reserve 2007, Silvan Ridge Elizabeth’s Reserve 2006, Panther Creek 20th Anniversary Reserve Pinot Noir 2006, and the Silvan Ridge Early Muscat 2008.

For more information on the Classic Wines Auction, including the wonderful local non-profit organizations who benefit from the auction activities, check out my post from last fall’s dinner series.

~Jennifer Heigl

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