Chefs taking to blogs…well, like white on rice!

The Los Angeles Times has a great article about the various chefs about town who are taking up blogging, from Mario Batali to Michael Symon. The celebrity culinary b-list (those who still work the craft, spending more time in the kitchen and less time on the television) have taken up the blogging cause as well, such as Michael Laiskonis, the pastry chef at Le Bernardin in New York, and Laurent Gras, the former executive chef at the Fifth Floor in San Francisco.

Other than jotting down a few thoughts or photos on their latest creations, is there an even bigger reason for chefs to blog? According to the LA Times article, there just might be.

…other chefs have been realizing how valuable a blog is to a traditional website, an even more sure route to extending a brand than publishing a cookbook. Repeat traffic is virtual money in the bank to prove interest in a project or, to put it crudely, move product.

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