Exorbitance Must Taste Better than Frugality

All the frantic recession talk and surging food cost aggravation has not dissuaded the chefs of Koi who today unveiled a $1,000 sushi roll.  It’s not a misplaced zero.

As relayed by New York Magazine this morning, the rich sushi roll, appropriately deemed the High Roller, is a preparation of poached foie gras, langoustine, caviar, shaved White Alba truffles and 100 year old balsamic.

Koi, which keeps locations in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Bangkok, is quite known for its in excess dining experience.  Here’s in hoping that the decadent dish is worth the valuable publicity and price tag.

Do you suppose I could write the roll off as research?

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One reply on “Exorbitance Must Taste Better than Frugality”
  1. says: Miki

    I’ve read that such dishes are designed for the PR as opposed to being eaten. And considering how much I like sushi, this one doesn’t appeal even if they lost a couple of zeros.

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