The City That Hardly Sleeps

It seems the city that never sleeps has grown irritated of the deprivation.  The New York Sun reported last week that the city’s 4 AM “last call” could be on its way out the door.

Liquor licenses have become increasingly difficult to attain in some parts of New York City, as community boards try to cut down on bar traffic.  Further attempts to decrease late night revelry has community boards declining to submit applications for new liquor licenses unless the applying establishments agree to earlier closing times.  This is especially true in bar and club saturated areas like the East Village and the Lower East Side.

The new licenses currently being approved all come with a 2 AM closing time.  The two hours may appear inconsequential, but a recent survey issued by the New York Nightlife Association shows 58% of bar and club revenue is generated between 1 AM and 4 AM.

The two additional hours of shut-eye might not outweigh what the city stands to lose in profit. 

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