Can I Have The Table By The Window?

As a young girl, I thought the idea of living in the famed Plaza Hotel, ala Eloise, would spectacular! In her most recent post, Food & Wine Restaurant Editor Kate Krader added a different angle to the question, instead wondering which restaurant would suffice in place of the illustrious Plaza? (She decides NYC’s Bobo fits the bill perfectly!)

A few years back, my Mom and I embarked on our yearly visit to the Big Apple for a week of splurges, and somehow ended up at the beautiful 21 Club in Manhattan. Once a speakeasy in the roaring 20’s, the restaurant has survived as an icon on NY’s East Side with a history of good reviews. We enjoyed everything from the food to the amazing murals to the immaculate service – only to be slightly affronted when the bill arrived. It seems we had accidentally booked ourselves into the wrong room – enjoying the full price selection in the Upstairs dining area rather than the Prix Fixe in the Bar Room. More shockingly, we happily handed over our cash. Even the bill couldn’t detour. The 21 Club is worth every penny you pay.

And certainly the only restaurant I’d like to live in.

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