Iron Chef Japan Returns To Television

I don’t know about you, but Iron Chef America just doesn’t seem to have the same oomph of the original Iron Chef. I enjoy watching the American version – who can dislike anything with Alton Brown commentary – but my heart will always be with the original.

Often credited with boosting Chef Masaharu Morimoto (of Nobu and Morimoto fame) to stardom, the original Iron Chef Japan series, was produced from 1993 to 1999. Each episode, similar to its American counterpart, features a fabulously-dressed Chairman Kaga introducing battles between the Iron Chefs and notables from around the world, including Chef Bobby Flay, who famously offended the entire Asian cooking community by standing on his cutting board triumphantly (and prematurely) at the end of the competition, and then whining like a little girl when he was declared the loser.

Thankfully, the Fine Living Network has rescued those of us with original Iron Chef withdrawal! Now you can catch Iron Chef Japan every weeknight at 11:00 pm EST. Take a look at the list of upcoming episodes, and be sure to tune in to watch the Iron Chef masters at work!

One reply on “Iron Chef Japan Returns To Television”
  1. says: Kempton

    Hi Jennifer,

    My better half and I love the Iron Chef Japan series as well. And we have never become fans of the American series.

    Have fun with the original series.


    P.S. For a brief moment, I thought they are actually making brand new Japanese episodes. 🙂

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