Small Plates on San Fran's Endangered List

A brief article in the SF Gate speculated on what could be the final hours of the small plate craze… well, at least in San Francisco.

Over the past seven years restaurants across the country have stampeded to incorporate or hinge their menus on the small plate experience.  In several ways the definition of the term has become diluted in marketing mire.  I came across a picture of a new Southern-centric eatery opening today in Brooklyn with the words “small plates” scrawled across its blackboard menu.  What were those things called appetizers again?

It seems however, that San Franciscans have grown apathetic over the concept forcing many small plate pioneers to revert back to the large ovals.

Pres a Vi is one of the establishments refocusing its service.  Chef/owner Kelly Degala explained in a press release:

“We’ve responded to some of our customers’ requests for a more traditional dining experience and decided to incorporate entrees into our menu format.”

But this is only a slight shift in the trend.  Chef Mark Gordon of Terzo told the SF Gate he plans on maintaining the restaurants small plates format but is adding an option for entrees.

With consumers trying to stretch a buck these days perhaps the psychology of small plate dining isn’t as appealing as an exorbitant steak dinner.  

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