Two Shades of Green

With consideration for the notoriously wasteful nature of the industry, restaurants continue to – and rightly – grab accolades and headlines for green practices, but as one San Fran haunt realized, there’s another type of green patrons clasp tightly.

In a newsletter, Millennium Restaurant, a gourmet vegetarian establishment, announced their latest feature:

“Starting this Wednesday, July 23rd, Millennium Restaurant will no longer offer imported bottled mineral water. We are very excited to introduce this system to the guests of our restaurant and hope you will enjoy San Francisco tap water safer & more delicious than ever! A charge of *$1/per seated guests affords an endless supply of fresh carbon & UV filtered water served chilled, room temperature or sparkling.”

“* This dollar ensures regular visits from the H2O Technicians of Natura, the highest quality of carbon filter changes & UV light bulb maintenance. Regular tap water will not longer be available.”

The dollar for water has incited grumbles from the San Francisco public who insist this eco-conscious surcharge is a petty billing, even though bottled water is five to eight times the cost usually.  Maybe our culture hasn’t grasped the idea of paying for water… with disregard to the thriving bottled water companies, the purifying companies, and the old-fashioned water bill.

It appears being eco-friendly doesn’t substitute for being economically friendly.  

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