Newman’s Own Paul Newman Dies at 83

A sad day indeed, not only for the world of acting, but also for the wonderful world of natural and organic food. Last evening, actor and entrepreneur Paul Newman passed away peacefully at his home in Westport, Connecticut after months of cancer speculation.

While his acting career is well known, including classics like “Cool Hand Luke”, “The Sundance Kid”, and “The Color of Money”, Newman also co-founded Newman’s Own, a natural and organic food company providing everything from salad dressings to pasta sauce, with 100% proceeds donated to educational and charitable organizations. Newman and his co-founder, author A.E. Hotchner, wrote a memoir about their company experiences, and the subsequent development of their summer camp, Hole in the Wall Gang, titled Shameless Exploitation in the Pursuit of the Common Good.

Goodbye, Paul. Thank you for your pioneering efforts in the organic world. You’ll be sorely missed.


One reply on “Newman’s Own Paul Newman Dies at 83”
  1. says: Dan Rafter

    Even though I knew that Paul Newman was in his 80s, I was stunned to read about his death. I adore Cool Hand Luke, and thought Newman was great in the vastly underrated Nobody’s Perfect back in 1989. On a personal note, my mom has long had a crush on Newman. (She was also very upset when Don Knotts died, so go figure.)


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