No Matter What – Protect the Chicken!

Officials over at KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) announced yesterday that they are temporarily relocating the authentic handwritten Original Recipe from Colonel Harland Sanders himself. The chicken giant is moving the sacred document to a secret, secured location in conjunction with the recent launch of Original Recipe Boneless Chicken Strips.

“The addition of these new boneless strips to our menu will greatly complement the Colonel’s signature Original Recipe fried chicken in a form that fits consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle,” KFC president Roger Eaton said in a statement.

According to reports, New York City police detective Bo Dietl left the Louisville corporate headquarters in an armored car with police escort, handcuffed to a locked briefcase containing the secret recipe. While only two KFC executives know the recipe, a third employee has been given the safe combination – with all three strictly instructed not to travel together for security reasons. Wow! That’s some tight security!

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  1. says: emdoozie

    Wow I am envisioning this recipe being apart of a larger plot in the next Ocean’s 14 (RIP Bernie Mac) where the Ocean team plot to still the KFC orginal recipe as it had become the most protected and coveted recipe on the planet… LOL
    Great Post,


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