So, here it is. My unabashed “I heart Anthony Bourdain” post. While I was overly ecstatic to hobnob with a whole host of Food Network chefs at the NYC Wine & Food Festival last week, as well as an opportunity to dine at Le Bernardin and meet super chef Eric Ripert, I have to admit I was a giddy schoolgirl when it came to my chance to shake hands with Mr. Bourdain himself. With knees knocking and palms sweaty, I was first in line after the Adrià TimesTalk to have Tony sign a copy of Nasty Bits for me.

But what is it about the man that makes him so fabulous? Sure, he’s a great chef and does a fabulous show, but I love his wit, his sarcasm, his way with words. (Oooh..did I mention his daughter and I have the same birthday?) Or perhaps it’s just his ability to remain true to himself even as I grinned from ear-to-ear beside him. In fact, I’d be offended if he had smiled for the photo.

I’ll even take this chance to put in a good word for Bourdain’s upcoming show, At The Table with Anthony Bourdain. According to his latest blog post, it may not develop into a full series, but we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks again, Tony!

~Jennifer Heigl

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