Drinking Your Political Affiliation

At the World Bar located across the street from the United Nations, politics is never an intrusive topic, and in case of a lull in conversation, the bar menu is a fail-safe tool to inoculate discussion.

This voting season has spawned various election themed cocktails, from The Maverick at Sushi Samba Rio to the Obama Rama at the Pink Door in Seattle, where owner Jackie Roberts has used the drink to raise funds for the Obama campaign.  She rejects “the theory that politics and business don’t mix,” stating, “I feel good about standing for something.”

However, at the World Bar, a more egalitarian approach has been devised, giving both candidates representation on their menu.  Senator Obama’s cocktail is blue tinted Mai Tai, while Senator McCain’s takes on a combination of gin, vanilla cognac and grenadine.

For those still on the fence (shame), or who would rather free themselves of touting allegiance in public, Morton’s Steak House offers the Undecided-tini, a combination of their Dixi-tini and Republican-tini.

At Stretch Run Sporting Club and Grille in Chicago, tomorrow’s election can be viewed in one of two rooms with a dedicated menu to each party.  GOP supporters can knock a few 10 Cane Rum Red Martinis back in the red room, while Democrats have the blue room, flowing of Barack on the Rocks Blue Caracao Cocktails.

And although there is no Bob Barr cocktail to announce, at the Hay-Adams hotel across the street from the White House, Libertarians can enjoy a Ron Paul Pisco Punch that is described to be “as edgy and unusual as the fiery Libertarian for whom it’s named.”

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