Where Has The Real Chocolate Gone?

When was the last time a KitKat really tasted like a KitKat? The melt-in-your-mouth-delicious kind of chocolate, not that chocolate-flavored waxy stuff they dangle in front of us today. Ha! I thought so!

Luckily, organic Seattle chocolatier Theo Chocolate Factory is on the case. Theo’s Andy McShea is on a mission to promote “true chocolate”, testing the scientific makeup of chocolates in his Super Molecular Chocolate Lab. Contending that chocolate today is so heavily manipulated that most are “chocolate-like” versions of the original, nicknaming it ‘mockolate’, McShea even calls out chocolate giant Hershey Co. for lobbying to relax the FDA’s legal definition of chocolate.

“Much of the chocolate business is still pretty exploitive, oppressive,” said McShea. Consumers, for example, usually cannot be confident they are not supporting abusive labor practices when they buy chocolate. “The beans come from everywhere, including some places where children are working under pretty bad conditions.”

Looking for a real chocolate fix? Think organic chocolate.

One reply on “Where Has The Real Chocolate Gone?”
  1. says: kang

    Super Molecular Chocolate Lab – that would be a great place to work.

    Hm, never really thought much of the quality of high street chocolates, although something from say blacks woud taste alot richer than kitkat.

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