Hot Dogs Are Not Recession Proof

Posted by R.K. Gella

The equivocal climate of the restaurant industry has proven as frustrating and unpredictable as W’s farewell speech.  Yet, more reports on struggling restaurants still offers surprises.

From Elysian Fields Farm’s “carré d’ Agneau Rôti Entier” as part of a $275.00 chef’s tasting menu at Per Se to a $1.25 Papaya dog with kraut and mustard at the corner of 14th and 7th, the economic sting is an ubiquitous ingredient these days.

Metromix reports Per Se is down by 25 % this year, while hot dog icons Papaya King and Clinton Papaya (imitators of the original Grays Papaya) have fallen under tougher times.  Clinton Papaya has already closed its doors and Papaya King has been put on the market.

It seems the recession is absent of gastronomical prejudices.

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