More Ethics Questions for Food and Wine Reviewers, Writers

As I noted a few weeks back over at Accidental Hedonist, the discussion of ethics continues amongst food bloggers, food reviewers, and food writers everywhere.

Yesterday’s Washington Post featured an article on ethics regarding well-known wine critic, Robert M. Parker Jr. Parker, a leader in wine reviewing, has come under fire over activities by one of his reviewers, Jay Miller. As noted by the Post, Miller enjoyed a trip to Australia last fall that was well-funded by Wine Australia, presumably in efforts to gain positive reviews for the company’s products. It seems the trip is just one of a handful of excursions expensed by wine companies under review by Parker’s staff members.

News of the ‘complimentary’ trips began pouring into the winery community, leaving many to question the 31-year reviewing empire.

“The No. 1 wine critic in the world’s brand is being tarnished,” says Michael D. Opdahl, managing partner of Joshua Tree Imports, an importer of Australian wines in Arcadia, Calif.

~Jennifer Heigl

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