Put Down That Coors Light! It’s A Beer Recall!

A recall on beer? Before you freak out, fear not – it’s not because of some terrible virus.

MillerCoors announced this morning that a batch of Coors Light is being recalled due to the taste being ‘subpar’. The beer, brewed at the company’s Athens, Georgia brewery, was being pulled from shelves last week at both distributor and retail locations.

“We sampled it and realized it wasn’t up to standards,” said Pete Marino, a spokesman for MillerCoors.

~Jennifer Heigl

2 replies on “Put Down That Coors Light! It’s A Beer Recall!”
  1. says: sflgirl

    fyi – we live in s. florida and drink coors light exclusively (no haters please) and have purchased not 1 but 3 difft packages of coors light (both 12 and 18 pack bottles) and more than one in each package tasted horrible and was undrinkable. if it’s not a virus creating that nastiness i need to know what it is, to offset any potential medical probs. it was THAT BAD.

    needless to say we know longer subscribe to that brew and are now back in the Bud clan.

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