The Side Dish: Know Your Food Sources

Here at, we adamantly support organics, locally-grown food items, sustainable business practices, recycling, composting, and all other earth-friendly production and usage. But what I really like to encourage personally, more than anything, is food awareness.

Particularly with the rampant food recalls, pandemics, and viruses making their way through our supermarkets, as well as excessive fishing and farming creating havoc in our food chain, it’s more important than ever to be an educated consumer, buying seasonally, creating sustainable personal food habits, and supporting healthy, environmentally-sound food production across the board.

The Natural Resources Defense Council recently released their Sustainable Seafood Guide, to assist consumers with seafood consumption, whether personally or when visiting your favorite restaurant. Their list of ‘Seafood Faves’ gives a short overview of a few of their recommended seafood choices, with information on farming and availability, and their ‘Eat or Avoid?’ list is perfect to print out as a handy-dandy pocket guide. You might be surprised by some of the suggestions.

In following that path, I wanted to also post the Cornucopia Institute’s ‘Who Owns Organic?’ map. I think all too often the organic community, surprisingly, is too quick to accept organic products as-is, without inquiring as to how and where those products are actually produced. The ‘Who Owns Organic?’ map may certainly surprise you as well.

~Jennifer Heigl

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  2. Yes, it can be so complicated. And yet it can also be so simple. Ask questions, read labels, look around to see how healthy others are who shop there, and be happy. The last may be the most important, as being happy will guide you to the best answers for you.

    I found your blog from the recent Blog carnival edition. Thanks for writing.

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