Australian Master Chefs Offer Tips to Culinary Greenies

I’ve been following Australian food writer Pat Nourse on Twitter since I signed up on the service this spring. Not only is it fab to stay on top of the food happenings down under, Nourse writes great stuff, covering national food awards, local restaurants, and chefs at the top of their game in the land of Oz. And the poor guy has to do it all from beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Nourse and fellow writer Kerryn Burgess have a stellar piece in this month’s Gourmet Traveller magazine with quips from master chefs around the world on their suggestions for up-and-comers in the culinary world. With the international obsession of food shows, celebrity chefs, and the next top culinary star, it couldn’t come at a better time! Aspiring chefs – take note!

A few of my favorites:

Beg if you have to
“Do whatever you can to work with the leaders in the industry. Beg if you have to.” Simon Johnson, Simon Johnson stores, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Be loyal
“Although it’s important during your training to experience different styles of chefs and restaurants, don’t change jobs every 12 months; loyalty leads to trust, responsibilities and opportunities. It’s more impressive for a chef to show that commitment and loyalty than to work in 10 different restaurants in 10 years. And read, read, read.” Peter Gilmore, Quay, Sydney (Winner of the Gourmet Traveller’s Restaurant of the Year 2010 award)

Dare to dream
“Have your wildest dream be to become a chef and really go for it. Study old menus of all cultures; this will help you to develop your cuisine. Make cooking your lifetime’s research and ambition. Travel and eat the world and keep your eyes sharp. And dream some more.” Cheong Liew, The Grange, Adelaide

All of the advice from the master chefs is great – you can read the rest of it here. You can also follow Pat on Twitter at @patnourse. Good on ya!

~Jennifer Heigl

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