Production Delays Lead To Canned Pumpkin, Frozen Waffle Shortages

Wow! Two companies are reporting product shortages this week, both affected by torrential rain storms and weather anomalies earlier this year.

In the middle of a season when canned pumpkin is most popular, Nestle announced an expected shortage earlier this week in it’s line of Libby’s canned pumpkin. According to the New York Times article, commercial pumpkin growers in the Midwest cite fall rainstorms as a delay for this year’s pumpkin harvest. As a result, pumpkin picking began later this season than usual, with many pumpkins left for dead due to fungus issues. With a ‘lousy’ 2008 pumpkin season, the backstock supply was already low.

But don’t fret! Your Thanksgiving pumpkin pies are still possible, with organic pumpkin growers, mainly located along the West Coast, reporting record request numbers for their canned supply, which is still being shipped ‘by the truckload’. In addition, the article includes tips to make your own pumpkin puree, using sugar pumpkins.

In other food shortage reports, Kellogg’s announced an impending shortage in their Eggo frozen waffle line, after a production location in Atlanta was closed due to a September downpour, with other production lines in Tennessee closed for repairs. Expect the shortages to hit your store shelves shortly, with waffle stocks reaching pre-shortage levels sometime in mid-2010, according to Kellogg’s officials.

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  1. says: Savory Tv

    Oh no there’s an Eggo shortage, what’s a girl to do? ūüôā Seriously though, I find it interesting that the organic pumpkin producers were not affected by the same molds and disease that the inorganic producers were, is there a message here do you think?

    Just wondering…


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