Aramark and IFMA Join Forces To Develop Sustainable Food Service Guide

Kudos to Aramark and the International Facility Management Association Foundation! Released this week by the IFMA as part of their Sustainable White Paper series, the Sustainable Food Service Guide looks to be invaluable for restaurant operators around the world. The guide, developed in collaboration with Aramark, has been designed to assist food service facilitators in creating more eco-friendly business practices, both in the front and back of the house. (Hurrah!) With recommendations on everything from building materials to composting, recycling, and energy management, the thirty-six page document includes an extensive collection of tips for creating a sustainable restaurant environment, case studies from businesses who have implemented successful sustainable operations, and a list of additional resources.

Head over to the IFMA website to download your copy of the guide.

~Jennifer Heigl

2 replies on “Aramark and IFMA Join Forces To Develop Sustainable Food Service Guide”
  1. says: Jenny

    This is excellent news! We do so much work to keep food good when we make it at home, but once you leave the safety of your own decisions, you’re totally hostage to the economics of the industry. It’s great to see this making an impact with an organization as big as Aramark, because I think they have their hands in so many college cafeterias and other industrial eateries like hospitals and old folks homes. Thanks for passing on this news, Jen!

  2. says: Jennifer

    I was excited to see this as well. I hope it can give guidance to many of the food service businesses out there interested in developing sustainable practices.

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