Ferran Adrià to Close El Bulli In 2012-2013 For Redesign

World-renowned chef Ferran Adrià surprised many in the food world when he announced early Tuesday at the Madrid Fusion Summit that he would shutter his landmark restaurant, El Bulli, during the 2012-2013 seasons. Adrià, known as a leader in the world of molecular gastronomy, has facilitated the award-winning restaurant since 1984. Named the number one restaurant in the world five times over the last decade, El Bulli features an extensive course lineup offering the latest in avant-garde cooking techniques.

According to the official El Bulli press release, the restaurant will close for the two-year period in order to “think, plan and prepare the new format for subsequent years.”

“During this time all the know how about elaborations, techniques and stiles acquired after 30 years of creative research will be analyzed, and the results of said work will be complied in a comprehensive and thorough encyclopedia.”

El Bulli will reopen for the 2014 season “always seeking the limits of what a restaurant means as a format.”

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