El Bulli Serves Its Final Dish; Batali Shows His Love For Michigan

Even though I knew my chances of finagling a reservation were slim to none, I, like many other dining-denied foodies around the world, breathed a heavy sigh as the last plates of the notable El Bulli left the kitchen over weekend. Those of us who are serial Tweeters followed as famed chefs Jose Andres, Grant Achatz, Andoni Aduriz, Massimo Bottura, Joan Roca, and Rene Redzepi joined chef Ferran Adria, and his brother Alberto, in the revered Catalan restaurant to assist with the final service of what has been an inspirational landmark for many in the culinary industry.

Redzepi and Andres documented the experience meticulously via social media, allowing fans to share in the undulation of emotions as the restaurant’s era came to a close. El Bulli friend Anthony Bourdain, though absent from the final gathering, devoted his latest episode of “No Reservations” to his final meal at the Spanish gastronomic destination as well.

Even with the restaurant’s closing, however, Adria will continue to be in the molecular limelight, devoting his time and creativity to the launch of the El Bulli Foundation set to open in 2014, as well as the facilitation of the latest Adria location, the more casual Tickets, in nearby Barcelona. He’ll also be on hand for the 2012 Cayman Cookout, alongside Bourdain and Andres.

Back in the good ole US of A, I have to say I was a bit surprised to find that chef Mario Batali, has been busy summering in Northern Michigan, of all places (technically the north part of the lower peninsula, if you’re being, you know, technical). According to the latest issue of Bon Appetit, Batali fell in love with the Traverse City area years ago and now spends a good chunk of his summer vacationing along the shores of Lake Michigan. In fact, he’s even picked out a few of his favorite restaurants in the area, for those of you planning a trek to that great “Up North”. Who knew?

And finally, for another point in the “Michigan – We’re more than just cars!” category, Steve Cavendish of the Chicago Tribune recently delivered a nice article on the growing Detroit-area food scene. Chef Michael Symon, who’s a big proponent of Midwest kitchens, with his popular Cleveland and Detroit restaurants, even goes to bat for the self-healing Motor City.

Jenny at Purple House Dirt recently discovered her love for Detroit. You can too.

~Jennifer Heigl

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    Thanks for the mention, Jen! Detroit is an amazing place, and its people are really the heart of it all. I hope your post gets lots of people interested and over there.

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