Death and Company Denver []

Sights and Bites: 48 Hours In… Denver


Denver, that old Mile High City. Where it used to be an airport hub, or a stopover when traveling to Vail or Aspen, the Colorado capital has seen its interior corridor flourish over the last decade, with building renovations and art installations. The restaurant and bar scene continues to thrive as well, bringing kitchens from New York, LA, and Portland in recent years.

Nichelle Nichols - Uhura (Star Trek)

On Star Trek and Star Power: A Q&A with actress Nichelle Nichols


Like most of my born-in-the-70s peers, I grew up in the age of starry science fiction, with Star Wars and Star Trek dominating my television and my bedroom decor. Outer space seemed within my childhood grasp, and with it, new extraterrestrial communities, terrains foreign and familiar, and unparalleled cosmic opportunities – like navigating a spaceship – around every corner.

Love and Layovers in Toronto


It was tough to sleep on the red-eye from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Toronto, Ontario. When I initially booked my tickets from Portland, Oregon, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the cheapest route put me through Canada, which I certainly didn’t mind. A short jump to Vancouver, a red-eye flight, and a day to play in Toronto before I boarded for Brazil.