The Price of a Good Meal

Battling with food costs and the slumping economy, tacked with pressures to maintain a reasonably priced menu has presented a myriad of obstacles for restaurants. 

On the diner’s side, finding a way to enjoy a night out free from overdrawing on credit or melting down gold valuables has made for a frustrating year. 

Then there’s the perspective of our neighbors across the pond.  Yesterday, a Zagat survey announced that London was no longer the most expensive city to dine, falling at the heels of Paris and Tokyo.  Although, the average cost of a meal rose 3.7 percent, the weakened pound, has caused an influx of tourists, in the same vein as the declining dollar to New York City. 

But even with the pound losing 13 percent to the dollar over the course of the year, if you choose to skip town and head over to Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, plan on a pricey travel.  London has gotten cheaper, but not cheap.

Average Cost of a Meal

According to Zagat Survey

1. Paris – 79.30 USD/ 45.09 GBP

2. Tokyo – 72.43 USD/ 41.75 GBP

3. London – 71. 02 USD/ 40.55 GBP

4. Osaka – 69.77 USD/ 39.65 GBP

5. Kyoto – 69.77 USD/ 39.65 GBP

6. Kobe – 69.77 USD/ 39.65 GBP

7. New York – 38.87 USD/ 22.10 GBP

8. Miami – 38.29 USD/ 21.77 GBP

9. San Francisco – 36.53 USD/ 20.77 GBP

10. Chicago – 34.64 USD/ 19.70 GBP


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  1. says: emdoozie

    Wow is this person or a meal for two in general. Good to know. When planning my next trip this will really help an planning the food budget. I wonder if the prices reflect the quality of the food. No matter, I just glad I live in a cheaper area for now. Hopefully in the future the price of food isn’t an issue. I’m sure it is for many at this point. Thanks.


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