Fast Company’s Ten Most Creative Culinary Leaders

Last week’s Fast Company offered up a list of the ten most creative folks in food – and it’s an interesting list. They’re not all chefs, necessarily, and I’m not sure they’re the *most* creative in the bunch (I agree with one commenter – where’s Ferran Adrià in the list?) but it’s certainly a list up for discussion.

Their top ten?

1. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Jean-Georges Management
2. Dan Barber, Blue Hill restaurants
3. Will Allen, Growing Power
4. Dan Cutforth and Jane Lispitz, Magical Elves Productions
5. Floyd Zaiger, Zaiger Genetics
6. Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft
7. Temple Grandin, Associate professor, Colorado State University
8. Becky Frankiewicz, VP of portfolio marketing for Frito-Lay North America
9. Jeff Jordan, CEO of
10. David Chang, Momofuku

Maybe for our Friday Five this week, we’ll include our favorite five foodies who are creative, but making earth and community-friendly culinary strides.

~Jennifer Heigl

2 replies on “Fast Company’s Ten Most Creative Culinary Leaders”
  1. I hope that you will highlight the people behind the food that make these culinary leaders stand out — they are the farmers. There are so many small farmers working on making a living while raising sustainable food. We ought to pay homage to them, and make them more accessible for more people. Not everyone can afford to visit the 10 on your list. That would include me. But I can take a trip to my local farmer’s market and buy similar ingredients and turn them into fresh and delicious food for my family.

  2. says: jenniferhh

    Absolutely! Good point Jill! These culinary creatives would be nowhere without all the hardworking farmers across the country.

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