Humane Society Continues Battle with IHOP; LeRoys Saving Tavern Staff?

Continuing their fight for humane treatment of animals, the Humane Society of America filed complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission this week against breakfast chain IHOP and their parent company, DineEquity Inc., over misleading statements made by the company. In response to the activist group’s national campaign rallying for the use of cage-free eggs at IHOP locations, the restaurant’s parent company released a statement asserting that animals in their supply chain are “cruelty-free”. The Humane Society, however, believes much of the statement to be blatantly false and misleading, leading to the recent legal filings.

“The only thing more jarring than IHOP’s false statements is the amount of animal cruelty in its supply chain,” stated Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS.

It looks like the LeRoys are still battling it out over the loss of their beloved Tavern On The Green. The family, which has held the operating license of the aging New York eatery for the last thirty years, have filed for an extension of their lease, claiming that the new operator, Dean J. Poll, may oust their employees during the holiday season.

In a restraining order filed Monday, the LeRoys assert that Poll is “seriously considering closing the restaurant for two years while he undertakes renovation work” in the event that he’s unable to prepare properly to take over the space on January 1st, when the current lease expires. In addition, the family is concerned that potential restaurant closing would unnecessarily jeopardize the jobs of 400 Tavern employees, as well as slowing debt repayment plans currently underway in the wake of recent bankruptcy filings.

Peter Ward, president of the New York Hotel Trades Council, which represents Tavern’s workers, said the union supported the motion. “It is clear,” Mr. Ward said, “that it is in the best interest of the creditors and the 400 hard-working New York City residents who work at Tavern on the Green and who certainly don’t need to be thrown out on the streets during holiday time.”

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4 replies on “Humane Society Continues Battle with IHOP; LeRoys Saving Tavern Staff?”
  1. says: Sarah

    I cannot believe IHOP STILL hasn’t gone cage free. Why won’t they follow the lead of places like Burger King, Denny’s, and Wendy’s, just to name a few.

  2. says: IHOP Communications

    IHOP is against animal cruelty and has supplier standards that go beyond what is required by law to ensure the dignified, humane treatment. If we find a supplier is not meeting our standards, we address those issues with the supplier.

    The Humane Society of the United States, a multi-million dollar organization, that many feel has a vegan/vegetarian agenda for the country (like PETA), has launched a campaign against IHOP because of our refusal to meet their demands to use cage-free eggs. Animal welfare experts’ opinions differ, and science has still not determined that cage-free housing is any better for laying hens then caged hens – in fact there are a number of reports that document the advantages and disadvantages of different systems for housing laying hens. Additional studies on how best to house hens are being done, and we remain open to the scientific-based outcomes of these reports. You can read more about it here.

  3. says: William

    A major egg supplier of IHOP was recently caught on camera torturing chickens. Hens were confined in cages so small, they were immobilized, as video footage at shows. There was severe overcrowding which goes against the nature of chickens. The footage also shows an employee decapitating a hen! Dr. Ian Duncan, the Chair of Animal Welfare in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Guelph, said many of the dead birds found in cages were probably dead for over a week! Dr. Sarah Shields, a graduate of the University of California’s Animal Behavior Program, said, “It is disconcerting that live hens must share space with dead birds until the corpses are found and removed.”

    It’s time for IHOP to use “cage-free” eggs.

  4. says: Tracy

    At least IHOP identified themselves in the comments, unlike the HSUS astroturfers.

    Most recent studies show that mortality rates of cage-free hens can approach double those of caged hens. These deaths are caused by disease, bullying, trampling, and cannibalism. Yeah…THAT’S humane!

    One egg farmer, from a network that forms a larger supplier, was caught on video with deplorable, cruel conditions. Address THAT guy. HSUS’ boycotts simply hurt the pockets of the poor waiter trying to buy eggs for his own family.

    Facts, not an HSUS’ animal prohibitionist propaganda, should drive IHOP’s corporate decisions (and those of consumers). Since virtually every recent study has pointed to a near 2x mortality rate for cage-free hens, how can HSUS continue to scream that cage-free is more humane with a straight face?

    Shout out to my girl Sarah at HSUS for being the first to comment!

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